The Power of the Sea      

Tsunamis, Storm Surges, Rogue Waves,           

and Our Quest To Predict Disasters           



"Anyone who appreciates the fact that the sea remains something we cannot control will love this book from Bruce Parker.  You will come away with a better understanding of why the sea will leave us in awe till the end of time." -- Jim Cantore, The Weather Channel 


"Mixes hair-raising descriptions of disasters with efforts to understand them ... the author provides a lucid, original contribution to popular-science writing."  -- Kirkus Reviews 


"Riveting readers with analyses of catastrophes such as the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, Parker delivers science in dramatic and digestible form."

-- Booklist


"From the ancient tides to ingenious ways of predicting tsunamis and weighing the impact of climate change today, Bruce Parker's The Power of the Sea is an engaging and essential history of science.  It's also a terrific account of survival on our wild blue planet." -- David Helvarg, author of Saved by the Sea: A Love Story with Fish


"Bruce Parker is not only a brilliant scientist but a natural storyteller as well.  The Power of the Sea presents the destructive nature of ocean waves in human terms.  For me, the power of the Power of the Sea lies in the compelling personal stories that make the book immensely readable. From Napoleon's near death encounter with a raging Red Sea tide, to the vital importance of predicting tide and swell before the D-Day landings, to the individual acts of heroism during the tragic 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, to the epic storm surges that continue to flood Bangladesh and Myanmar today, Parker never loses sight of the uneasy alliance between man and sea.  All who play or live near the sea should read this book.  Be warned, you may never look at the ocean the same way again." -- John Kretschmer, author of At The Mercy of the Sea and columnist for Sailing magazine 


"In a changing world driven by the sea, it is important for everyone to understand how it works.  Bruce Parker has blended history and science into a book that clearly and often dramatically explains how and why the sea will affect their lives -- now and in the future.  This is a must-read for anyone who has ever been awed by the ocean." -- Dan Basta, Director, NOAA Office of National Marine Sanctuaries 


"Rarely does a book written by a practicing scientist grab you like this one. Intelligent, accurate, and accessible, The Power of the Sea reads like a Believe It or Not of aquatic destruction.  The largest wave in history?  What did the tides have to do with the Normandy Invasion?  What should we have done about Katrina?  For the answers to these and other questions you never thought to ask, read Bruce Parker's wonderful book." -- Richard Ellis, author of The Empty Ocean and Tuna: Love, Death, and Mercury  


"A vivid portrayal of sea disasters and the important role that the ocean has played in so many historic events.  An illuminating scientific look at how we have learned to predict such disasters and what still needs to be done to safe guard us from future global calamities." -- Curtis Ebbesmeyer, author of Flotsametrics and the Floating World 


"The Power of the Sea is the best book I have ever read about tsunamis, storm surges, or rogue waves.  It dramatically demonstrates the need to better understand the awesome power of the sea if we are to save lives and property." -- Jerry Schubel, President, Aquarium of the Pacific 


"Whether you love history, science or just want to know how the world shapes our lives, this is both an informative and enjoyable read."                   -- Margaret Davidson, Director, NOAA Coastal Services Center 


"This richly researched, eloquent volume gives the reader a front-row seat where the action plays out.  Dr. Parker's thorough knowledge of the subject is abundantly evident and his comfortable and informative style makes this a must-read for anyone interested in the environment.  The power of the sea is palpable in Dr. Parker's treatment of a fascinating diversity of historically significant events." -- Richard Spinrad, Vice President for Research, Oregon State University, former Director of NOAA's Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research, and former Technical Director to the Oceanographer of the Navy